the real thing

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gary Police

I sure test the Gary police.. I really dont think they pull people over for moving violations. I dont think they should, quite honestly, and not just because I would be the one they pulled over everyday. Well mostly because it would be me. But also, I think there are lots of more awful things going on in Gary then some poor father of two racing to catch his train to take him to work. This morning i was going about 60 in a 45 and there was a cop at the intersection and the light turned yellow.. and I really needed to make that light. So I did. I'm pretty sure the light was still yellow when I entered the intersection, who knows. But I really wasnt' worried that I would get pulled over. I would never ever try that trick anywhere but Gary. So maybe Gary does have an upside.

So I got a "new" car. The cavalier is no more. I got $100 dollars for it. Actually I haven't gotten anything for it, my neice's father still owes me. I'm not going to worry about the fact that I had just bought 4 brand new tires ($250) - replaced the timing chain ($500) - replaced the head ($500) in the past year. That really doesnt' matter. The good thing is that the car is gone and I now have some pretty reliable transportation and it doesn't hurt that its about 80 times faster then the cavalier (may she rest in peace). I think this car will tide me over until I get my dream car, a Lotus Elise. I have a few hoops to jump through before I get this car, and I will post them here some time soon. (soon is a relative term, you know)