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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sometimes.. I swear..

I started my new job and things are going well -- I had a close call of almost missing my train on Tuesday , which would have resulted in me being late for my first day as I can not drive into work with my car because one of the front tires is completely bald. It turned out the train was 5 minutes late that day so it all worked out. The next day, I was driving to the train not in a huge rush, but somehow managed to get pulled over for doing 62 in a 45 -- the officer wasn't as respectful of my "clean driving record" and gave me a stinking ticket. However, I still made the train.. (it was running late , again). I always seem to get pulled over when I'm not paying attention. I have never been "consciously" speeding and actually gotten pulled over.. Its those times that I am driving and my mind is elsewhere that I always seem to get caught.

The job is good -- its taking some getting used to getting back into a regular work environment, you know, the kind where people actually talk to each other. But otherwise things are good and I 'm learning all sorts of new stuff so I can't ask for much else after 4 days.


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