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Sunday, September 03, 2006

So this is a blog...

Its been so long since I've posted that I forgot what exactly to do. I think I am supposed to type stuff about me.. Well - I suppose the big news is that I got a new job. I know no one wants to read about computer sort of things ( i have a whole different blog that I dont update for that). So the details are like this: at my old job I was responsible for everything. At my new job, I'm only responsible for a teenie tiny part of things and I'm part of of a team that is responsible for that same teenie tiny thing. So things should be a little easier and maybe I'll have more time to blog :)

People have asked me often why I am leaving my current job since I seem to do pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. Thats a really good question -- I think I could have done that job for the rest of my career and not gotten too bored. Working from home, making my own hours, choosing what projects to work on.. I was the IT manager and reported to the CFO - who is non-technical, so pretty much anything I said was taken as the law. Those are freedoms that I just wont be able to find anywhere else. I felt like I needed to give them up in order to have the opportunity to advance my career. The sad fact is that the company I was at is shrinking, in fact it is almost half the size now as it was when I started back in the beginning of '03. They have chosen not to replace me or another guy that is leaving and they will divide our duties up amongst a few people. Basically as far as IT infrastructure goes, there was absolutely no where else for me to move to in the company, so I had to leave if I wanted to move up in the world. My new position is not exactly a lateral move, but I am confident (perhaps i'm just naive) that I will be able to stand out and take advantage of new opportunities inside the company. Not to mention the fact that the new job is located in the building attached to my train station ! So no more 15 minute walk each way to the office !

Thanks Tracy, btw for the well-wishes.

So now that I have that off my chest back to important things... I was thinking about things to blog about in future posts so I will list them now and I can refer back when I'm stumped as to what to say.

-- talk about how with this new job, I'm turning over a new leaf.. more exercising and blogging and less eating and spending.. ;)
-- have the first annual "Kids TV that adults end up watching" awards show ..
-- Divulge my master plan to buy myself a sports car
-- Talk about the pick-up truck I saw towing a U-haul trailer that pulled into the Adult book store parking lot
-- Talk about how not only is my car's glove box exposed to the world, but the insides of the one tires is as well.


  • You're a good writer, your words flow very well. You should blog more often.

    Don't you think planning now for a sports car you'll buy when you're 45 is a bit too soon??!?!?

    By Blogger Beth, at 9:06 PM  

  • You are so welcome for the well wishes!! I am glad you will have more time to blog!!!

    As for planning on the sports car, it is good to get a handle on when you want it and what you want. We had our little sports car for about a year and then found it just wasn't practical for us. But we did love it.

    I wish you much luck with more exercise. That will make you feel better also!!

    I hope you much up the company ladder in time.

    By Blogger Tracy, at 1:51 PM  

  • So, I'm waiting to see pics or links to the new sports car you are going to get. I bet when you're 45 you should be able to get a good deal on what you pick out today ;)

    Ten years ago, our 2-door Cavalier was our little "sports" car. Currently, it is doing as well as yours, except the glove compartment is stuck shut....

    Congrats on the new position! I know you'll do well at anything you do. I hope you get the recognition (in the form of promotions) that you deserve!

    By Blogger Jenn, at 2:26 PM  

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