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Thursday, April 27, 2006

You might be a Redneck...

You might be a redneck, if you use duct tape to hold your car together..

This isn't one of Jeff Foxworthy's quotes.. but it could be. And today I joined the club. Since I was storing a roll of single's in my glove box, ( to eventually pay back the over generous toll booth lady) I had been opening and shutting the glove box often. Until I broke the latch. It won't stay shut at all, not even close. So now I have about 6 pieces of duct tape keeping the glove box shut. I may look for a more elegant solution or I might not. I'm not sure yet. It might elicit some sympathy from a police officer if i get pulled over and I need to get my registration out of my duct tape -shut glove box.


  • As long as it's not on the outside of your car, I think you're Ok. You could always get electrical tape that blends a little more. Or not. At this point, who really cares?? Not the toll booth lady--she'll just be glad you're such a nice guy!

    By Blogger Mich, at 5:55 AM  

  • That is so funny!!! We are rednecks here also, but for different reasons!

    By Blogger Tracy, at 2:57 PM  

  • Oh...and I think true rednecks actually call it "duck tape". Just an observation.

    By Blogger Mich, at 6:24 AM  

  • I think you would be more a redneck if you didn't try to solve the problem at all and just drove down around with your glove compartment open. :)

    By Blogger Penny, at 8:56 AM  

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