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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Out of the club

Well I tried but I just can't hack it as a redneck. My duct tape solution doesn't work. The glove box door is too heavy and after a few hours it just opens. Oh well - i think i will shove the registration in the visor and clean out the box and just leave it open.... doesn't much matter to me. As long as the radio still works.

My home "theater" speaker count

1998 - 2
1999 - 8
2003 - 6
2005 - 4
2006 - 0

Its been a sad, steady decline in the number of external speakers in my setup. The final straw happened this past weekend when our tv died and we had to get a new one. With the cruise coming up and my parents being here with the kids, I decided that I would drop the whole receiver unit and speakers. All in the name of KISS'ing it (Keep it simple, stupid). The main issue with the old setup was that when you wanted to go from watching Thomas the Tank Engine on TiVo to watching a Baby Einstein movie on DVD, you had to tell both the TV and the receiver to switch sources.

We bought a universal remote and programmed the macros so that it would be a two button operation, but the trick is that you have to hold the controller just right so that all the components receive the signals or else you will end up in a state where nothing works. So now we have a simple setup where you can actually change everything without a remote at all and the volume on the tv is actually the right place to raise and lower the volume.

However, I am always looking towards the future and I am seeing 8 speakers again with an HDMI audio output on the TV running to the receiver and hearing the DD+ sound coming from the Blu-ray DVD no wait .. HD-DVD...


  • Wow, I thought I was the only one that had a complicated way of watching TV or should I say switching from DVD to TIVO to CD player and so on! Sorry the duct tape didn't work. Have a wonderful time on your cruise!

    By Blogger Tracy, at 12:44 PM  

  • Oh, Oma will thank you from the bottom of her technically challenged heart!!

    By Blogger Mich, at 12:09 PM  

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