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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Po Po ..

I swear there are no routes for me to speed to/from work anymore .. since i've been pulled over twice on US 20 in past 2 months , I thought I'd try US12 instead, well on the way home tonight, I got a flippin escort the whole way home. I saw him sittin in the median and he pulls out behind me and proceeds to follow me for 6 miles until i get to a stop light where he proceeds to make an illegal u-turn in the intersection (during a red light no less) to return to his little strip of US 12 that he patrols so vigorously.

So we did a fundraiser for on Saturday at the world famous Popcorn festival in Valpo. The whole thing went so much smoother then I could have even imagined. the first 10 hours of the day flew by as well.. it was those last 3 that got a little rough. As with any festival, atleast in IN; there is no shortage of interesting people to look at. Here are some of the Tshirts I remember..

- I put the laughter in Slaughter ..
-So... what is ur sister doing later ?
-Ya, I smoke, so f**k off (it wasn't bleeped on the shirt and it was worn by probalby a 15 yr old girl)
-Let me drop everything and work on your problem.
-Got Dork ?

There were better ones but of course i can't remember.. all in all it was a good day - we signed up some walkers and sold some bears and some bracelets and gave out lots of balloons !!

So I got something from the County Prosecutor's office today. Like Illinois, Indiana has a cute little way to "get out" of your moving voliations, all you have to do is pay them $242. $242 dollars ???!! In IL its like $85 and you have to sit through 3 hrs of online traffic school. If I actually had any money, maybe I would appreciative of the idea that there is no traffic school.. but i don't .. so I"m not. Since I haven't had any tickets in Indiana in about 5 yrs, I'm not to worried about what it will do to my insurance and points on my license. I was only going 62 in a 45... hopefully the fine will be much less then $242.



    just stop speeding.

    By Blogger Beth, at 4:07 PM  

  • So sorry for the death of your Cavalier. Is the Bonneville a nicer ride? Just don't speed to work... :)

    I saw a toddler in an infant shirt that said:
    "Proof my mom likes to f***" (not bleeped)
    I suppose that would answer a few questions on a first date...

    Thank you for your support of FOA! I love that you and Beth are a team :)

    By Blogger Jenn, at 12:22 PM  


    By Blogger Jenn, at 11:50 AM  

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