the real thing

Monday, May 29, 2006


Freakin Furnace Filters - what is that ? alliteration ? ya..

I bought a fancy furnace filter (there it is again) back in January with the promise of it reminding me when I needed to replace it with a handy dandy email. I even blogged about it. Well guess what ? I didn't get no stinkin' email .. And per usual I completely forgot about it. Until last night when we noticed that the Air had been running all day and it wasn't any cooler in the house. I did a quick search on the old blog and saw that it had been over 4 months since we changed the filter. I replaced the filter and well.. things really didn't get any cooler. We made some adjustments to the ceiling vents and thats seems to make a difference so hopefully nothing is broken. But I'm still pretty ticked about the lack of notification from those fools..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Better blog

"Better blog" as in "you'd better blog tonight"

I went to work yesterday (Thursday) for a half day as our household is still rather sick. It was raining and I brought my umbrella. Rain in downtown Chicago is an interesting thing because it is mixed with the wind. It has to be raining pretty hard to warrant actually using an umbrella because the wind makes it near impossible to keep control of it. About 75% of umbrellas are flipped inside out on any given rainy day in Chicago. Knowing this I kept my umbrella closed during the short walk from the car to the office. A few hours later I remembered I needed to go to the bank and I consciously did not take my umbrella. I got outside and it wasn't too bad but the further I walked, the harder it rained. By the time I made it back to the office it was pouring out and I was drenched and there was no wind at all, seriously.