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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Been a Long time Since I Rock n Rolled...

I've neglected the blog.

But thanks to some prodding from Beth and some chic named Sara, here I am again. I should thank Sara for being so great to Beth these past couple of 'troubling' weeks. So thanks Sara, you've been really great ! I really am trying to get Cubs tickets too..

Yesterday I went to millennium Park for lunch and finally saw THE BEAN up close and personal. While linking this page, I found out its actually called "Cloud Gate " and not the bean. But anyway, the whole experience was rather humbling as I led a group of people on a bit of a goose-chase searching for Mecca.. aka the sub shop that also sells french fries. After we gave up, I was trying to lead them to the bean , err Cloud Gate and somehow we managed to walk right past it. I have no idea how you miss a 12 ft tall silver bean.. but I did. But lunch was really nice on the lawn of the amphitheatre. There was some sort of symphony orchestra with a huge choir singing, which was actually kind of loud, but not terrible. We found cloud gate after lunch and it was actually much cooler then I gave it credit for.

Maybe getting old isn't as bad as I thought. I got pulled over on the way to work the other day. Since I wasn't running late for the train I was only going about 55 in a 45. I really didn't consider that speeding because I usually go 60-65. However the po-po disagreed, but he didn't give me a ticket, he said "you have a really clean driving record, and I'm not going to ruin that for you today." That was probably the funniest thing a policeman has ever said to me because I've always considered myself "mr. ticket". But actually I haven't gotten a ticket since in '02 (in Indiana anyway) so I guess that constitutes a clean record. Maybe it wasn't my driving record... maybe the cop was feeling sorry for me because despite the fact I have duct tape all over my glove box door, it is still open.

Speaking of my car - I was at the bank making a deposit on Thursday when the teller asked me if I was part of the Fletcher-Jones car dealership family. I said .. "Umm, no - I drive a Cavalier and there is 53 cents in my checking account". He thought I was pretty funny.

I think thats it for now. I always think of good things to blog about when I'm driving home from work but can never seem to remember them when I get home. Kinda like when I hide a Barney Video a week before a birthday party so the kids won't see it, then I forget where I hid it when the time comes for the party. Or when I move all our important documents (marriage license, birth certificates, etc..) from the place where I normally keep important stuff to a "better place" .. and can't recall that place when it comes time for a cruise and we actually need those docs. But I can remember that that Rock n Roll is a song from Led Zeppelin IV, which happened to be the first (and only ) Led Zeppelin CD I bought (from BMG music club of course) in 10th grade... so maybe Everything's Not Lost.